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Honey: Raw, Manuka, Tupelo and More!

40 pages / Book

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Debbie Neumayer

Honey: Raw, Manuka, Tupelo and More!

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The honey in your cupboard may not contain all the health benefits you might expect. The honey found in most supermarkets is usually heated and filtered and is not much more than a low glycemic alternative to sucrose. But raw honey can benefit your health in a variety of ways, including boosting the immune system, supporting proper cardiovascular function and healthy digestion and more. Also includes descriptions of different honey varieties, including Manuka, Tupelo, buckwheat, heather and more, with details about the health benefits and taste profiles of each.

  • Real, raw honey supports the immune system, enhances energy and stimulates wound healing.
  • Learn how to tell the difference between raw honey processed honey.
  • Learn how to use honey’s antibiotic and moisture-retaining properties to support beautiful, healthy skin.
  • Includes info about Unique Manuka Factor, which makes Manuka honey beneficial for fighting bacteria, free radicals and possibly cancer.

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