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Elderberry Honey Immune Drink Mix (5 PACKETS)

Powder, 5 Packets

Elderberry Honey Immune Drink Packets - 5 ct

About the Product

Powerful elderberry wellness in a convenient on-the-go powder stick pack. Mixes easily into 6-8 oz of either hot or cold water.

  • 150 Elderberries per Serving!

Once a staple in New England farm kitchens, elderberry has become a favorite herbal remedy due to its powerful potential benefits. With naturally occurring antioxidants including flavonoids and phenolic compounds, elderberry may be especially useful during the winter season.

Honey Gardens Elderberry Honey Immune Drink Mix powder is packed with loads of elderberry powder, from an impressive 150 elderberries! Elderberry is commonly used to support healthy immune function. Complemented with a zing of apple cider vinegar and a touch of honey powder, this delicious drink mix may be just what the doctor ordered. Mixes easily into 6-8 ounces of either hot or cold water. It can also be added to your favorite shake or smoothie to add a nutritious boost to your beverage.

Apitherapy (the use of honeybee products to promote health) is central to the Honey Gardens brand. Our beekeeping partners share our commitment for sustainable beekeeping and gentle handling.

Support your immune system with the power of Honey Gardens Elderberry!


Serving Size: 1 Packet