Bee Poetry

It was a lot of fun reading entries for our Bee Poetry Contest! You can find some of them below, shared with permission from the authors.

If you feel inspired to write some poetry of your own, send us a DM on Instagram @theHoneyGardens or comment below for a chance to have your poetry added.

Golden Buzz of Summer

- Andy F

Amidst petals soft as dawn’s first blush

Where sun-kissed blooms sway and hush

The honeybee dances, a golden sprite

In gardens where time takes flight.


Tiny wings hum secrets to the breeze

A symphony of purpose, life’s sweet tease

They sip nectar from floral chalices

Crafting liquid gold with gentle kisses.


Their dance, a map etched in air

Guiding them to hive and lair

Through meadows ablaze with hues

They weave tales of sun and dews.


In amber chambers, hexagonal cells

They store the essence of floral spells

A treasure trove of summer’s yield

A testament to nature’s silent field.


And when the days grow shorter, cool

They huddle close, a living jewel

Their hum a lullaby for autumns sleep

As honey drips from memories deep.


So raise a cup to these tireless souls

The architects of sweetness, life’s bold scrolls

For in their golden buzz, we find delight

A whispered promise of endless flight.

Lazy Be Haiku

- Garrett B

Content little bee

Suns herself on a flower

Covered in pollen

Golden wings alight

Buzzing hymns in sun-kissed blooms

Life’s sweet dance unfolds

- Melina C

Bees buzz through the fields

Gathering precious cargo

For people to use

- Anonymous

Busy need buzz by

Hive minds in sweet honeyed quest

Pollen or not, bee

- Xavier C

Be like a bee bee-cause they bee the buzz!

- Aubrey S