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Fun Bee Facts

* To make one pound of honey, bees within a colony visit 2 million flowers, fly the distance of two times around the earth and will equate to the lifetime work of 300 bees.

* In a normal harvest year, a beehive can produce 400 pounds of honey.

* While there are over 20,000 species of bees, only 4 are honey producing.

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Honey Gardens is committed to offering the highest quality Apitherapy raw honey and plant allies made from truly raw honey, flower pollen, propolis, and medicinal plants. Our vision embraces a commitment to working with the bees, supporting agriculture and encouraging a sustainable relationship as stewards of the earth.

While the pollination of our food may be the important thing that honey bees do for us, bees are just the vehicle; all of this is first about people and love. We appreciate your interest in and support of this work.

Our honey is available in natural foods stores and cooperatives throughout the USA. Click on our store locator  to find one near you. For those beyond the range of our distribution, you may also order directly from us through this website or over the phone, mail, e-mail or fax.

Around 40% of the food we eat depends on pollination by insects, which to a great degree are honey bees. With the value of pollination to our economy being at least 50 times more important than for honey, we appreciate your support of regional agriculture by using our raw honey.

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